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Irrigation Infiltration
N.E. Irrigation serves markets in eight states, and keeps growing
By Patrick White

After many years working as Northeast regional manager for a national landscape firm, Eric Zima was looking for a new challenge. “I wanted to find a way to do my own thing and do something unique, but I wanted to stay in this industry,” explains Zima, who has a degree in landscape architecture.

So, back in 2005 he purchased New England Irrigation in the Boston area. He had experience overseeing both irrigation and spray services within the national landscape company he had worked for. “I realized that those are two of the highest margin services in this industry,” he says. Zima decided he wanted to start a business in a field that he personally enjoyed, and chose to focus on irrigation. “I really didn’t want to go out and spray chemicals all day. What I liked was working in blue jeans and a T-shirt and getting out there and working in the field – I love it. That’s what I wanted to do.”

Even from the beginning, Zima’s plans were to grow the business beyond its initial location. His past experience in the landscape industry had given him an understanding of both the challenges and efficiencies of operating in multiple locations. “We had been opening up about a branch and a half every year, and that gave me a comfort zone with that process,” recalls Zima. “It helped me understand the trust level, organization and other factors involved with basically giving someone ownership of their own little kingdom.”

eric 22 N.E.Irrigation is featured in Turf Magazine September 2012 Issue

N.E. Irrigation provides irrigation work in New England and the Northeast for national companies and some of the largest regional landscape firms.

That past experience had also showed him that many large regional and national landscape firms sub-contract out their irrigation work, so Zima saw an opportunity to service this market. When he had been the one contracting irrigation services, he discovered that many of the irrigation firms he hired would perform well for a year, but then become overwhelmed by the amount of work and become less responsive.

“Next week isn’t acceptable in this business, you need to be able to respond right away and get things working right,” he explains. “So I set out to develop a really great service company that really took care of the trades, the other landscapers out there.”

Most landscape companies don’t look at irrigation as a business, they see it simply as an add-on to their core business, says Zima. “They consider it a supplemental revenue stream, but it’s very haphazard and fragmented. And they consider it a royal pain in the neck, because they don’t understand it. So if they can figure out a way that they don’t have to actually do irrigation and still make money on it, they think it’s great. And that’s where I come in.”

N.E. Irrigation discounts its rates to landscapers, allowing those companies to make 15 to 20 percent on every irrigation job completed. This allows landscapers to add to their revenue stream without having to take on the complicated business of irrigation. Just as important as making sure landscapers profit is making sure the process is smooth, Zima emphasizes. “I become their guy. If I have to wear their hat, I wear their hat. If I need to wear their T-shirt, I wear their T-shirt. Our guys know how to walk and how to talk and how to represent their company properly [to customers]. We really try to build relationships with the landscape companies.”

It’s paying off as N.E. Irrigation handles irrigation work for national and some of the largest regional landscape firms, and operates out of four locations covering territories in eight states. The year after opening in Boston, Zima opened a branch covering Connecticut and Westchester County in New York. After that it was on to New Jersey and beyond.

As word spread within landscape companies that one territory was having good results working with N.E. Irrigation, another territory would seek out those same services. “That’s what’s really stimulated our growth,” says Zima. Under the umbrella of “N.E. Irrigation,” the company operates as New England Irrigation in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and as North East Irrigation in Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and northern Delaware.

Hooking his wagon to the large landscape firms has also allowed him to grow his business without a sales force. “As long as we’re providing great service for them, we’re getting brought into new areas and opportunities,” says Zima.

The growth has been mainly by opening up branches from scratch in new locations, but there have also been a total of eight “strategic acquisitions” along the way. For example, N.E. Irrigation recently acquired Oasis Irrigation in Massachusetts. “With start-ups, there’s a lot of risks because it’s difficult to gauge the amount of work you’re going to be able to do. With an acquisition, you at least have an idea of a revenue stream you can expect to have,” says Zima. When it comes to acquisitions, he’s firm on one key point: “I don’t take on owners. They’re not coming. I cannot have the influence of someone else’s culture and management style influencing what I’m trying to do.” That company may have a great senior or junior technician who could be an asset to N.E. Irrigation, though, so Zima is open to that possibility.

Also, Zima rarely looks to take on equipment as part of an acquisition. “People always value their equipment at more than it’s really worth,” he explains. “With acquisitions, I really only want the accounts.”

This approach has allowed him to diversify the business with residential irrigation accounts. The company has about 4,000 customers. About 40 percent of its overall work is done through landscape firms, 20 percent through independent commercial accounts, and about 40 percent is from working with individual homeowners. “This way I can spread my exposure out,” Zima explains.

Still, he recognizes that it’s his business relationships with landscape firms that represent the key to N.E. Irrigation’s success. So Zima works to be sure those relationships work for the landscape companies as much as they do for him. “My goal is to make sure that they make money off me. It’s important they make money off me – they’re helping me grow my business, and I don’t expect anything for free. As long as I’m doing the work, they should be getting something for it. And hopefully we’re doing a great job for them so they can mark us up.”

Internally, Zima is just as focused on running N.E. Irrigation as efficiently as possible. Individual locations are not elaborate affairs, for example. “We have a few little storage areas to work out of and places to park our trucks,” he explains. “I’ve learned that your office doesn’t mean anything, it’s what you do out in the field and how you take care of customers that matter. We don’t entertain at our shops – we can wash our trucks, we have some supplies, and that’s it.”

In fact, for all practical purposes, the offices are run mainly out of the homes of three “administrators.” These administrators are charged primarily with being accessible to customers at all times. “I don’t care if they work in their pajamas or if they go grocery shopping and take their phones with them, so long as we’re taking care of the customers,” explains Zima. “But the key is that they don’t work 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. They work 6 a.m. to midnight; they need to be accessible Saturdays and Sundays.”

It’s important, he says, that anytime a customer calls the phone is answered by a person who can then respond to their question or schedule a crew to handle a problem. “The customers get to know them, they know them by name,” says Zima. “We’re not bringing in temps.” If someone is out sick, their phone calls get forwarded to one of the other administrators. Each of the administrators has access to the others’ crew schedules and information through a computer network. N.E. Irrigation is run off of HindSite software. “We’ve tried other software, but HindSite seems to be the best for what we need,” he states. “It’s not cheap, but its functionality is good.”

One business hassle that N.E. Irrigation doesn’t need to deal with is inventory. “I negotiate all of my parts costs up-front at the beginning of each season. So whether I buy one head or 2,000 heads, it’s going to be the same price. I don’t want to shell out the money and I don’t want to warehouse a whole bunch of parts,” says Zima. “I’m not a store, so I don’t want to manage inventory.” Plus, delivery is free from many distributors so it’s easy to get the parts for any job when they’re needed, he points out.

Another combination of efficiency and effectiveness can be found in the vehicles used by N.E. Irrigation. Zima has downsized over the years in order to boost profitability. He started out opting for Ford F250′s, but found the payments and gas bills too much to handle. Switching to Ford Ranger’s and Toyota Tacoma’s with utility caps has lowered costs all around, he explains. “We can probably do 90 to 95 percent of the things we need to do with those smaller trucks,” states Zima. The larger trucks allowed him to pick up some plowing work for the landscape firms in the winter, but the savings from using the smaller vehicles has made up for the loss of plowing income, says Zima. (NE Irrigation does do some landscape lighting work, mostly maintenance, as supplemental income.)

eric31 N.E.Irrigation is featured in Turf Magazine September 2012 Issue


Even the management structure at N.E. Irrigation is formed around efficiency. There is a branch manager at each location, and both that manager and the techs work to develop and build relationships with the landscape firms and other customers in their area, says Zima. He says that one of the priorities within the company is to be sure that not only the techs but the managers at each location are billable for their time, meaning they are out working on jobs as well as managing.

“Even our branch managers are billable for 85 percent of their week,” he emphasizes. “I don’t have anyone who sits in an office all week. The business is not that complicated, we don’t need to have a lot of charts and graphs. It comes down to how many stops you did that day, what were your costs, what did you bill and were your customers happy. That’s what it all comes down to.” Even Zima is billable for 80 percent of his week. He’s based within a two-hour drive of each location and will show up to work wherever help is needed. “Everybody has to earn their paycheck every single day,” he states.

The crews also are given a lot of responsibility. “Our managers are smart guys, and I empower them to do things like budgeting and hiring. I’m not one of those people who calls my managers every single day. They know what they need to do,” says Zima. “I want them to feel good about what they accomplish.”

That responsibility helps them to develop as professionals, as does the fact that they are true irrigation specialists. The irrigation crews for many landscape firms are kept busy on irrigation through the spring, but then get assigned to plant flowers or weed or spray or aerate, Zima observes. “But, good true irrigation guys don’t want to do that stuff, they want to do irrigation. So the opportunity to grow as an irrigation professional within some landscape companies is very limited. One of the things that’s unique about us is that we have a career path for techs to grow within the company.”

He needs that growth among his employees, because Zima wants to continue growing his business. “My ultimate goal is to have a business with more than 10,000 customers,” he states. “And I still love being a tech myself – I love being out there, meeting with the customers and taking care of their needs.”
Patrick White is a freelance writer and editor who has covered every aspect of the green industry in the past 15 years. He is based in Middlesex, Vt., and is always on the lookout for unusual stories. You can contact him at pwhite@meadowridgemedia.com.

NEI Holdings Continues Acquisition Spree

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The Massachusetts company has made eight moves since 2005.

NEI Holdings in Danbury, Conn., has completed one of its largest acquisitions to date. New England Irrigation has acquired the accounts and certain personnel of Oasis Irrigation, Easton, Mass., adding 800 customers to NEI’s portfolio. This is NEI’s eighth acquisition since 2005.

“Strengthening our presence in markets that we already service, along with organic growth and growth through acquisition, not only creates tremendous opportunities for our people, but it is fundamental in continuing to drive our business plan in becoming the number one irrigation service provider of the North East,” says Eric Zima, owner of NEI. “We are currently speaking with a number of other high quality organizations regarding possible future mergers with NEI.”

As retrieved, Lawn & Landscape, 06/25/12.


Sprinkler System FAQ’s

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rainbird 300x233 Sprinkler System FAQ’sWhen you’re in the business as long as NEI you hear a lot of the same questions. We thought they may help you learn what you need to know to make an informed decision. If you have a question we don’t address please send us an e-mail to info@NEIrrigation.com.

Q. Will an automatic sprinkler system water as well as I can water by hand?
A. It will do a much better job because the system waters automatically – placing exactly the right amount of water on individual lawn and garden areas. It never gets too busy to water properly, and it never forgets to turn off the water at the appropriate time.

Q. Will having a sprinkler system really save time?
A. Yes, having an automatic sprinkler system means never having to spend another minute of your valuable time watering the lawn or flowers. Your new system will do all of the watering for you – even when you’re away from home. You’ll be able to just forget about watering and spend your free time doing the things you really like to do.

Q. We generally get about 50 inches of rainfall a year. Do we really need a sprinkler system with that much rain?
A. If it rained at your house every three days – the same exact amount each time – you probably wouldn’t need a sprinkler system. But nature doesn’t work that way, and the only way to ensure healthy, lush growth is to make certain your lawn and plants receive a regularly timed, evenly measured amount of water. In the dry season when there is little or no rain, your yard can suffer damage after just a few days without water.

Q. Can an automatic sprinkler system be installed in New England? Won’t the pipes freeze in winter?
A. A sprinkler system can be installed anywhere, in any climate. The key is maintenance and ensuring the system is properly winterized, preventing any freeze damage.

Q. Can I still have an underground sprinkler system installed if I have an existing landscape/lawn? Won’t you damage my yard?
A. A minimal amount of disturbance to your landscape will occur during installation. Our specialized machinery installs pipe without digging a trench. Also our crews are experienced at restoring your landscape to its original condition.

Q. Can my sprinkler system water separate areas on individual schedules?
A. The sprinkler system will be set up on different zones. There can be different zones for the lawn, shrubs and flowers. Each of these zones can have a different time schedule for watering.

Automatic sprinkler valves 300x225 Sprinkler System FAQ’sQ. How do I know what type of system is best for me?
A. It’s always best to work with a professional irrigation contractor. We are knowledgeable about such factors as water source and pressure, soil type, planting materials and weather conditions, all of which must be considered in determining the products needed for your system. Remember, an irrigation system should be customized to meet specific requirements because every landscaping situation is different.

Q. Why is it important to hire a professional irrigation designer?
A. New England Irrigation will design and install the most cost-effective and energy-efficient system possible. You can be certain that we will select the appropriate equipment for the job, while streamlining the maintenance required to keep your landscaping in top shape.We will pay special attention to such important factors as sprinkler patterns (it is important to overlap the patterns so that the outer edges receive sufficient water for healthy growth) and backflow prevention (which is necessary to protect your drinking water supply). And because your contractor if familiar with local plumbing and electrical codes, you won’t have to worry about costly mistakes in wiring or pipe installation. We can do the job faster, with less disruption to existing landscaping, and will guarantee our work.

Q. What is a rain shut-off?
A. A rain shut-off is a device that will interrupt the program on the clock during a rain shower. It will automatically reset when it is dry therefore avoiding water waste.

Q. Will the system be too complicated for me to operate?
A. Sprinkler systems are very easy to operate. New England Irrigation will set the system’s controller with your individual water schedule. Then all you have to do is sit back and let the system do all the work. And, the watering schedule easily can be changed if necessary by just following the easy instruction on the inside of the controlled cabinet. Your contractor will work with you to explain the system’s operation.

Q. How much will a good system cost?
A. The price of a system will vary depending upon labor costs and other factors such as property size, type of landscaping and special designs. But you can count on a New England Irrigation contractor to design and recommend the right system for you at the lowest possible cost.

Q. Do you need a bid for a sprinkler system?
A. Founded in 1966, New England Irrigation has focused on commercial and residential irrigation construction, many times as a subcontractor to general contractors, developers and landscape contractors. We are primarily a design/build firm capable of turn-key service in the specialty field of landscape irrigation. Our firm is also experienced in commercial bidding, with an exceptional track record for competitive pricing and timely completion of projects. NEI has the ability to compete in both open and union shop work. We are proud members of the Laborers International Union Local 1285. NEI is woman-owned.

Do you have a question about sprinkler systems?

Post it here or email info@NEIrrigation.com.

NEI Partner: Lawn Connection

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LawnConnection 241x300 NEI Partner: Lawn ConnectionEstablished in 1986, Lawn Connection possesses the dual qualities of exceptional old-fashioned customer service and the latest cutting-edge lawn care technology. Owners and brothers Jeff and Bill Cooper strive to bring New Jersey lawn care customers a product that is nothing short of perfection. Offering not only lawn care services, Lawn Connection only delivers top-notch environmentally responsible tree and shrub care, perimeter tick control, and sprinkler installation and repair services. Lawn Connection is just a call away from bringing the best in New Jersey lawn care to your door.

“At Lawn Connection we specialize in maintenance care so that we can concentrate on delivering the highest level of expertise, value and commitment. We use cutting edge technology and techniques but our philosophy is old fashioned: We are a family business and every customer becomes part of our ‘family’. Protecting home value, health and beauty for every member of our customer family is a responsibility we take very seriously”.

Lawn Care Services

Lawn Connection provides technologically advanced and environmentally responsible  lawn care services that will satisfy all of your New Jersey lawn care needs. Our professional, customer-focused staff is available to help you with everything from weed and disease control to an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program that will eradicate your lawn pests with minimal environmental risks.

Tree/Shrub Care Services

Lawn Connection uses only organic based tree and shrub care products, and promises the safety of you, your family and the environment. Our 6 step tree and shrub care program provides the best tree service in New Jersey and maximizes your landscape’s potential while minimizing the environmental risks. Our proficient, customer service-minded staff is available to help you with everything from winter burn protection to a deep root feeding that will amplify your trees and shrubs root development.

Other Services

Lawn Connection knows you need more than just basic lawn care and tree services, so we also provide irrigation services. Working hand-in-hand with our lawn service specialists, we will establish an irrigation system to effectively establish a luscious lawn. Lawn Connection is here for you and all your lawn care needs; including vegetation, mole and landscape bed weed pre-emergence.

Have Questions? Want a Quote?

Visit the Lawn Connection Web site at  http://www.lawnconnection.com.

N.E. Irrigation Designs and Completes Massive Reclaimed Water Irrigation Project in New England

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legacy home 300x133 N.E. Irrigation Designs and Completes Massive Reclaimed Water Irrigation Project in New EnglandDedham, Massachusetts. , October 7th, 2009 — N.E. Irrigation, the leading water irrigation installation operator in the Northeast, today announced that the company has completed a state-of-the-art reclaimed water irrigation project at the newly constructed Legacy Place Mall in Dedham, Massachusetts.

The Legacy Place Mall is a 38 acre facility with multiple buildings, parking lots, turf, and over 4,000 trees and shrubs. NEI designed and installed a reclaimed water irrigation system which utilizes water from 3 tank farms totaling approximately 280,000 gallons to irrigate the turf, trees and shrubs located throughout the entire mall facility. Water is efficiently captured and diverted through a series of piping systems which collect rainwater from rooftops and parking lot catch basins. The collected water is filtered and then pumped throughout the site to deliver a precise amount of water to each of the thousands of plant species. The system designed for this customer will irrigate the facility on a daily basis for a period of up to 12 days. One inch of rainwater will replenish the entire system.

“We are pleased to have completed this state-of-the-art project for Legacy Place Mall,” commented Eric Zima, owner of N.E. Irrigation. “The implementation of this project will not only beautify the natural landscape of this mall but will also reduce irrigation expenses for this customer at the same time. The challenge of this project was to balance the plant’s regular irrigation needs while ensuring adequate future water supply. The future of the irrigation industry is to use and embrace reclaimed water technology to save and conserve our most precious resource. We are at the forefront of this technology and look forward to working with other businesses to meet their irrigation needs.”

About N.E. Irrigation

NEI Holdings, LLC is the parent company in which New England Irrigation and North East Irrigation operates under. New England Irrigation operates in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. North East Irrigation operates in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. NEI Holdings, LLC is a privately owned company. More information about the company can be found at www.NEIrrigation.com.

Corporate Contact:

  • Eric Zima
  • NEI Holdings, LLC
  • Phone: 860-376-5510
  • Email: eric@neirrigation.com

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